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Yassin Nasri

Serial entrepreneur with passion for purpose-driven projects, winner of several innovation awards & novel writer; German national.

▪ Graduated in Architectural Studies from Brunswick University of Technology, Germany.

Founder and CEO of the Masdar City-Based carbon management company ImpactGulf Limited.

Worked from 2003 - 2020 as a Business Strategist, Market and Startup Consultant. Among his clients are companies such as Agilion (a Siemens company) & SGL Carbon (over €1 BN revenue & more than 5000 employees)

▪ 2000-2002: Nine years before the emergence of UBER – developing a novel mobility sharing concept via mobile. Winner of the startup award Dresden Exists, the IT award start2grow (powered by IBM) & the mobility award promotion (powered by VW)

▪ Published novels (in German): “Ich will kein Flachdach sein” &                          “Der Golan-Marathon”. Novels in Arabic (coming soon): "القفز من برج يحترق"

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