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Yassin Nasri

Serial entrepreneur with passion for purpose-driven projects, winner of several innovation awards & novel writer; German national.

▪ Graduated in Architectural Studies from Brunswick University of Technology, Germany.

▪ Founder and CEO of the Masdar City-Based carbon management company ImpactGulf Limited.

▪ Worked from 2004 - 2020 as a Business Strategist, Market and Startup Consultant. He was founder and managing partner of the German Innovation Center in Dubai. His clients included renowned companies such as Agilion (a Siemens company), SGL Carbon, TAS AG, Ambrosius and KSP Engel & Zimmermann.

▪ 2000-2002: Nine years before the emergence of UBER – developing a novel mobility sharing concept via mobile. Winner of the startup award Dresden Exists, the IT award start2grow (powered by IBM) & the mobility award promotion (powered by VW)

▪ Published novels (in German): “Ich will kein Flachdach sein”,                          “Der Golan-Marathon” & "Der Sprung vom brennenden Hochhaus" (coming soon).

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